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We have plans available for businesses with 3 employees or more.

Maintaining good health is vital in small businesses to allow businesses to thrive. When businesses thrive, so does our community. 

Offering healthcare benefits to your employees shows your commitment to the overall wellness of your staff. Providing care for acute issues, chronic disease management, and preventative care in an easy to access setting leads to lower healthcare costs, reduces absenteeism, provides recruiting and retention benefits, and promotes improved health. 

McCrea Family Practice offers plans to small businesses of 3 employees or more at a discounted rate to help keep our community healthy and thriving. We offer labs and medications at lower cost for self pay. Point of care testing is included in the membership as a perk for members.

For folks with staff that travel we can offer tele-health services when out of town and can be accessible for non-acute needs through email/text.

Call to set up a fee consultation to discuss our small business plans that can help keep you and your staff well throughout the year. 

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